The Club will accept applications each year for scholarships to The Ohio State University and may award one or more scholarships based on availability of funds and application of the following criteria.

Application Criteria

• Applicant must have graduated from high school in southern Beaufort County (private or public).
• Applicant must be already enrolled, taking classes at OSU.
• Applicant can be enrolled on any OSU campus (extension) in the state of Ohio.
• Applicant, parents or guardian must be members of alumni club.
• Applicant must make application and provide a copy of high school transcript if an entering freshman and one letter of recommendation.
• Scholarship monies will be awarded at club’s annual Christmas party.
• Applicant needs to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA at time of requirement and a full time student (12+ hours).
• If you are an OSU varsity scholarship student athlete or plan to “walk on” to a varsity sport, you may not be eligible for a club scholarship award. Each student athlete’s ability to receive a club scholarship award will need approval by Ohio State Athletics Compliance on a case by case basis.

Club Selection Criteria

• Selection will be based on all information received from and about the applicant.
• Applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee consisting of The Club’s officers, scholarship chairperson (if appointed) and Board Members. • The committee will review the applications, may interview applicants and/or references and may conduct background checks.
• The committee will give strong consideration to incoming freshmen, as one of the main goals of The Club is to recruit new students to the University.

Download the Scholarship Application